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Cheery Lynn Designs October 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Blog Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to October 2017 Blog Hop at Cheery Lynn Designs!

There is finally a bit of a chill in the air and it's time to snuggle up with a warm drink and a fuzzy sweater and Get Your Craft On!!  

Today you will see some great projects using dies selected from the wide variety of Christmas/Winter Holiday themed dies available at Cheery Lynn Designs.  Pick up some of your favorite dies today to use when making your own holiday projects.

You won't believe how many fabulous Christmas and winter themed dies there are.  You will want  NEED them all!

Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created for us.
Here is our blog hop list.  If you get lost along the way, hop on back here and we'll get you back on track.

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Now be sure to leave some love on all the stops along the way.  Your comments are most appreciated!

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1. What is your favorite Christmas or Winter die at Cheery Lynn Designs?

2. Have you started your holiday cards yet?

3. What other crafts do you love besides paper crafting?

Our winner will be selected on Tuesday, October 24th.  Be sure to stop back on Tuesday evening to see if you are our lucky winner.

Thanks so much for Hopping with us today.  Now head on over to Cheery Lynn Designs and start your shopping!!  Enjoy!


  1. Loved the blog hop and all the different cards.
    I like the poinsettia die as it is very versatile
    I have not started my cards yet
    I also like to crochet as well as paper arts

  2. All you ladies are so talented. Thank you for participating in this lovely blog hop.

  3. 1. I like the moose and the poinsettia as the dies
    2. I have started my cards this year as I retired and have a bit more time!
    3. I love cross stitching and would like to get back to scrapbooking and sewing now
    Thanks for all the cute ideas!

  4. My favorite was a close tie between the sleigh and reindeer and the coffee cups. I have begun my xmas cards. Haven't put it all together yet, but looking at your blog gave me some great ideas. I also like to make xmas trees out of tuelle and decorate them.

  5. 1. Love the poinsettia strip die. It's very realistic and oh, so practical as we can cut several layers in one swipe.
    2. Haven't started our cards yet, still waiting for husband's thoughts on my ideas. Teamwork helps!
    3. Cooking and baking are great distractions from paper crafts, although I used to sew, quilt, and embroider.

  6. I also love the poinsettia and the penquin dies. 2. Haven't started on my cards yet, just moved. Still unpacking! Yuck! 3. I like to do counted cross stitch as well as card making and scrapbooking.

  7. My favourite is Merry Christmoose - so cheery!
    I have already started making this year's Christmas cards.
    I cross stitch and am also trying to become a better knitter.

  8. I love the winter snow scrapbook page! I haven't started my holiday cards yet, but I'm thinking something with snow :-). I enjoy doing embroidery and have used stamps for patterns.

  9. Love the poinsettia die. Haven't started my cards yet.

  10. Favorite die, I like, I like, I like. It is hard to decide which best, the Christmas trees, Christmas ornament tree, and the pastel colors used on the ornaments. I'm going to steal some ideas! My Christmas cards are almost finished but my Thanksgiving cards are only about half finished and I haven't started January cards ! We make and send approx 500 a month but we make at least 1000 Nove, Dec, and Jan each.

  11. Enjoyed hopping a long seeing all the fab cards using the new products.

  12. I am still working on my Halloween cards so I haven't started my Christmas cards.

  13. I love the poinsettia strip die as it is so versatile and makes a pretty finished flower. I haven't started on my Christmas cards yet but I'm certainly getting motivated by all these pretty cards! If I'm not stamping, I'm probably scrapbooking.

  14. My favorite card and the die used is Bonnie'so card that uses the Merry Christmas with the partridge. I liked all of them there were such different designs all special it was hard to decide.

  15. Merry Christmas Pine and Partridge.

  16. I loved all the cards and wish I had all the dies. But, I will have to say my favorite is the coffee cup die.
    I have not yet started my Christmas cards, but plan to really, really soon.
    I love to cross stitch in my spare time also, and build festive crafts.

  17. I *love* your fireplace die... that's my favorite winter or Christmas die!
    I have not started any holiday cards yet.
    I do a little beading, but I am just a beginner!

  18. winter neighborhood watch is my favorite winter die, because it is so versatile! no cards in the making yet for christmas. i love to quilt, sew, and knit.

  19. I loved the Scandinavian Oval Doily you see on Debbie's share, and the Penguin Pals --oh the possibilities. Thank you ladies for the inspiration.
    Yes I have started my cards--have about 40 of them completed and several waiting for "mo jo"!!!
    My other passion is photography and Photoshop. My crafting blog is

  20. I loved all the different styles of cards - and there was even a scrapbook page.
    I loved the icicles and the Ornament Christmas Tree.
    Yes, I have started my card, but only done about 20 of them.

  21. I like the Christmas angel.
    I have done about 25% of my cards.
    Thanks for the lovely blog hop.

  22. Thanks for a great hop and beautiful inspiration. 1) Love the Ornament Christmas Tree and the Tree Rex is so cute for the kids. 2) I have started thinking about my cards. 3) I love fabric crafts, too.

  23. Beautiful samples of inspiration along the hop! I'm lovin' the elegant snowflakes and beautiful poinsettia. I've started making holiday cards for Christmas 2017. Besides a papercrafter, I'm also an avid oil painter.

  24. Thanks for a great hop and wonderful inspirations. Oh how I love your new dies!! I absolutely must have the entire collection!!
    I love the poinsettia strip die (actually I love all of your strip dies).
    I haven't started our cards yet.
    I used to embroider.

  25. I love the Christmas tree shaker die! So fun. I have started my Christmas cards and I am almost finished. I also enjoy creating mixed media art.

  26. I really loved the fireplace die (I hope it comes with the stockings & picture frames)...I have not started on Christmas Cards and when I have spare time, I like to experiment with mixed media on papercrafts

  27. Fabulous designs from the DT!!
    I loved them all but just love that adorable polar bear and the penguin!
    Yes, I made over 102 Christmas cards so far!
    I love to recycle things, garden and sew!!

  28. No christmas cards have not started. Soon though like 1st week of November.

  29. Watercolor painting is my other passion

  30. Aspen forest and penguins are great dies

  31. Great looking cards. They all have a lot of detail. It would be hard to pick just one favorite.

  32. Such wonderful inspiration! Love them all!!

  33. Penquins, LOVE
    Sewing, LOVE
    haven't started on cards yet, but soon.

  34. I loved Lisa's card
    I started my christmas cards in July, my list continues to grow each year.
    I am an avid sewer also, crafty items and quilts.

  35. Such a fun hop with so many gorgeous projects. My favorite die is the Snowy Day Bear. Have not started my Christmas cards yet; usually I procrastinate until December and then crank them out in one big crafting session. In addition to card making, I enjoy plastic canvas needlepoint.


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Information shared here is for inspiration only and may not be copied for publication, competition or profit. Thank you for your cooperation.