Saturday, April 26, 2014

# Baby's Breath Flower # Black Eyed Susan Strip

Li’l House on the Prairie by Julie Lavalette

Hello Everyone, It's Julie Lavalette  here today and I am so excited to be sharing this post with you all. When Cheery Lynn showcased the release of their Wagon Wheel at the beginning of the year I immediately fell in love with it and thought it must be part of a 3D project. I will not go into every detail with my wagon or you may be reading this post for an hour.....I will instead show you pictures around my wagon with little snippets of info.

My inspiration came from fond memories of watching Little House on the Prairie as a child, but I thought it would be nice to give it also a look of an old style Gypsy Caravan. My windows, wagon wheels and lattice valance border were all cut out from an empty cereal packet. Every die, cut beautifully through this card which then gave me the perfect sturdy surface for paints and inks to be applied.

My Wagon wheels were cut out 6 times for each wheel and glued together. I then painted them and rubbed a little Gilding Wax onto them and attached a little hitch fastener to them. With the die having embossing texture on it I was delighted with the result of how it looked like wood.

My windows I placed 2 layers onto the shutters to give an appearance of depth and I applied some Gesso and Distress Ink to give a real shabby feel, adding flowers from the Tiny Flower Kit.

The Lattice Valance Border I have used on several areas of my wagon, It's a great die as it gives you many different new shapes to use. My fence at the front has also been made using sections of it.

My roof was made by layering the Anastasia Border onto it and decorating with lots of flowers and flourishes.

The little plant pots at the front door are made from an old necklace. I die cut out 3 sets of Baby’s Breath flower kit for each pot and layered together to give the effect of small flowering bushes.

Cheery Lynn Dies Used :
B406 Lattice Valance Border 
B386 Wagon Wheel 
FRM151 Shuttered Window with Flower Box 
B376 Tiny Flower Kit
B338 Black-eyed Susan Strip
B387 Tiny Fanciful Flourish Left & Right
B291 Mini Fanciful Flourish Right
B117S Mini Fanciful Flourish Left
B364 Baby’s Breath Flower Kit
B178 Flourish Leaf Strip
B399 Hinges

Thank you to everyone who has followed my posts on a Saturday and left comments for me over the last month. Also a big Thank you to Sandy for helping answering lots of questions and Bj for giving me this opportunity to showcase my love of Cheery Lynn dies and believing in me. Its been an absolute pleasure and a memory I will always treasure.

Julie x


  1. Julie this is beyond stunning!!! I just LOVE every single solitary detail here, you have outdone yourself!

    I too grew up watching The Little House on the Prairie and have a huge love of that series and the books.

    Amazing work my friend!

  2. Oh my word - I am speechless! What an amazing piece of work - a really out of the box demonstration at how versatile and creative you can be with Cheery Lynn die. Fabulous!

  3. Hi Julie!
    This is so adorable and pretty! I love the colour of it, very effective! Ingrid xxx

  4. This is absolutely STUNNING. What a beautiful piece of art with my absolutely favorite dies. GORGEOUS.

  5. there are not the right words to express just how beautiful this is, I am sure it took a lot of time to complete

  6. This is over the moon......
    You picked such lovely colors......Wonderful work of art......

  7. Totally amazing - so much rich and lovely detail. Even if I don't plan to tackle a 3-D project, there's a ton of inspiration here that can be translated to card fronts. Gorgeous work for sure, Julie!

  8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  9. Thanks so much too everyone for leaving me so many lovely comments. I love reading them and will be over to your own blogs over the next few days. Julie xx

  10. Love this type of 3-D project and you have showcased it very nicely! Each detail looks so real. Won't ask how long it took! LOL!

  11. such wonderful!!!!!!!!
    It is so beautiful I am" fooled!"

  12. Julie, your little Gypsy wagon is stunning! Beyond fabulous! Every detail is amazing! Wow! We are all dazzled.

  13. P.S. I know you called it a Little House on the Prairie Wagon, and I too, grew up loving that series, but this is way too cute to be a prairie wagon. I picture a beautiful Gypsy living inside with her crystal ball and silk scarves. Lovely!


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All content, including designs, pictures and words are the exclusive property of the author of each blog post.
Information shared here is for inspiration only and may not be copied for publication, competition or profit. Thank you for your cooperation.