Flower Tutorial, think SPRING!

Last Saturday, I was here at Cheery Lynn and I gave you a tutorial for making what I called a CHEERY BLOOM. Today I am showing a different version of this same type of flower. I will not give the FULL tutorial here. I will just give a condensed version. The full version will be available on my blog, today, March 11, 2011. It will be under the tag CHEERY LYNN in case you are interested.

As a refresher, here was last weeks final product:

The main Die used on these flowers is WITTLE WICKER 1/4" Strips.

The next flower is assembled much the same way.

Start with the strips cut from the WITTLE WICKER die.
This time I just kept them together and did not separate them.

This is my coordinating paper, the faint pink is where I have applied the adhesive in a straight line.

Next, I have folded the strips in half to seal them together with the adhesive applied as described above.

You can separate the individual pieces, and using the flower circle as pictured above, start forming the bloom by inserting the petals(wickers) through the center of the flower shape.

After you get the 1st layer done, cover up the back with a matching piece, with NO circle cut out in the center. This makes the back of the flower look nice and neat.

For the 2nd layer, I put a big dollop of glue in the center and starting placing individual strips in the glue.

Keep placing the strips into the glue until the flower is to your liking in fullness. Next, it is time for the buttons!

Stack some buttons to create a nice center and sew them together tightly, using a heavy duty thread.

I prefer to hot glue the buttons to the center of the flower. Here is the final product ready to go on a card.

Here I have taken a piece of Core' dinations cardstock from the Black Magic collection. I cut the large circle with the Large Stackers Scalloped Circle set. Then I embossed the circle using the ECCENTRIC CIRCLES plate.

Here is the background of my card, sanded to show the magic of the Core' dinations cardstock.

Here is my card, all assembled and ready to go.

Side view to see the detail.

Closer up.

I love the way this turned out. The WITTLE WICKERS made the creation of this flower a breeze.

I hope you enjoyed the short tutorial. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Thank you for stopping by have a great weekend.

Products used in today's project:


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