Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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Cheery Lynn Designs Flower Power Blog Hop

Today you will see some great projects created by our fabulous design team featuring beautiful flower dies from Cheery Lynn Designs.  They always come up with such great ideas.

You wouldn't believe how many fabulous flower dies there are.  You will want  NEED them all!

Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created for us.
Here is our blog hop list.  If you get lost along the way, hop on back here and we'll get you back on track.  If you are hopping after the first day, you can use the direct links below to go directly to each blog hop post.

Cheery Lynn Designs Blog

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When you arrive back here at the end of the hop, please be sure to answer our questions below in a comment on this POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN a $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE to Cheery Lynn Designs.


1. What inspires your craft designs?
2. Do you find that you use a lot of flower dies in your creations?
3.  Do you have a favorite flower die and if so, which one?

Our winner will be selected on Friday, December 15th.  Be sure to stop back on  Friday evening to see if you are our lucky winner.

Thanks so much for Hopping with us today.  Now head on over to Cheery Lynn Designs and start your shopping!!  Use the coupon code shown below for 15% off the entire Cheery Lynn catalog of products.  Be sure to sign up for the NEW Cheery Lynn Designs Rewards Program for even more savings and chances to earn reward points good for extra discounts and store spending money and more. Enjoy!


  1. This has been an inspiring blog hop. I love handmade flowers so I HAD to visit each blog! To answer your questions: 1. I am usually inspired by colors, stamps or dies themselves and a lot of my inspiration comes from non-crafty sources such as art and even architecture and design. 2. I do love using flower dies for my projects and I usually find myself adding a lot of handmade flowers to my cards during Spring and Winter. I love Poinsettia flower dies... Cheery Lynn's poinsettia is on my wishlist now! :D :D :D

    Thank you for brightening my day with all these gorgeous inspiration projects! Happy Holidays.

  2. Wonderful designs from the design team. My designs are usually inspired by a challenge or by the person I am making it for. I love using flowers on my designs and my favorite is the Cheery Lynn 8 piece floral design. Love how the flower can be shaped or left flat and got some more inspiration on how to use it from this hop,

  3. These designs are beautiful!
    I'm inspired by other's work, especially on Instagram. Unfortunately, I find that I don't use flower dies much, but I do use flower stamps quite a bit. I have a basket of flowers, that I actively try to use, but it doesn't happen often. I do not have a favorite flower die, but that Poinsettia Strip, Jenny used is beautiful!

  4. 1. My card designs are inspired by personalizing them for special occasions, by others who create gorgeous ones, and the seasons. 2. I don't use a lot of floral dies that much but occasionally do. 3. I used the Cheery Lynn Designs Poinsettia a lot so I think that is my favorite. I find that it can even look good as a floral design for all year around and the fact it is not so bulky makes for easier mailing when used on a card.

  5. Thanks for the great blog hop & all the inspiration! I usually get my inspiration from blog hops or Pinterest. I like flowers, just forget about using them. I have tons of dies, so don't have a favorite. Just need to get busy & use them!! Have a merry Christmas!

  6. Great hop. I am very inspired by the challenges I enter. I don't use too many flower dies but I think my favourite is Cheery Lynn's Tea Rose small. HUgz

  7. I do not like to try to mail cards that are so thick with layers and multi layered flowers. They are pretty but I like to do one or two layer flowers at most. I use lots of flowers but stamped in multi layers. I do use dies for borders, and frames a lot. I enjoy coloring stamped flowers.

  8. PS it would not let me finish typing. My favorite flowers are garden flowers like roses, baby's breath, larkspurs, forget-me-not, and so many others. You can never go wrong with flowers on your cards. I also love using flower dies to decorate tables, and make paper flower coursages for our ladies spring luncheon at church. Great ideas!

  9. Hi, thanks for a chance to enter your giveaway. I am so inspired by the beautiful work of the very talented card artists. Their use of dies, papers and colors always spark an interest in using those items in my own creations. But I must also say that I often use very similar techniques, tips and designs that I see from the artists. It is so fun to see if I can make a similar product. My favorite flower die , I must say Poinsettias and the Chrysanthemums are winners for me. I use so many flower dies it's a major part of my stash. I have to keep reorganizing them because of the number I have - currently I'm organizing them by season! Flower dies are the largest category in my collection. Not only that, I use flowers the most of all item kinds in my projects, that is paper, material, chipboard - every and any flower! Now with the beautiful flowers your Blog Hop Artists have created in their projects - I looking for papers that are perfect for flower making like the paper pad Julie says she used for her card. So I e looking to see if Cheery Lynn has any papers?? Thanks for my chance to respond to your questions! Happy Holidays. Denise

  10. I am mostly inspired by things like your blog hop, where so many designers showcase their creations. I love flowers and use them on almost everything. My favorite flower die is the poinsettia strip, but that's because it's Christmas and I'm making a lot of Christmas cards and decorations. I love all flower dies!

  11. Thanks for a great hop and beautiful design ideas. I find inspiration mostly from blogs and Pinterest. I use flowers depending on the theme. One of my favorites is the Poinsettia Strip set which I will be using a lot in the next few days.

  12. I'm inspired by blog hops and visiting different blogs to see all the beautiful creations! I love using flowers on my cards and tend to use flower dies that will result in a fairly flat flower that's easy to mail rather than a really dimensional flower. Your Poinsettia Strip is my favorite!

  13. I get most of my inspiration from one of your amazing designers, Laurie from Stamping Up North. I follow her blog daily and wish I could make cards as fast as she does and have them turn out so nice every time. I love how she arranges the dies on her cards and the colors she uses. Every time I see one of her cards, I have to buy at least one die she's used. I use a lot of flower dies on my cards 10 months out of the year, with the exception of poinsettias on Christmas cards. My favorite, go-to flower die is your Floral Bouquet Kit, but recently I've been using a lot of your Sunflower die too DL121. Of course when I saw the Poinsettia Strip on Laurie's recent card, I had to have that one too.

  14. I get inspired by looking at what other people do. I tend do use flowers on my cards. Either stamps or die cut flowers. I don't have a favorite flower die, but I do have a lot of different flower dies. I love my Cherry Lynn flower dies.

  15. Love, love love the flower blog! I have recently moved and do not have access to my crafts or I would not be writing I would be playing with paper!
    Love so many of the Cherry Lynn designs.
    I am mainly inspired by life around me. Or by a personality. I do use lots of flowers, I think my favorite would have to be Asters. Though I do love a Lilac!!! Too hard to choose-Pointsettas would be in the running and Daisies. I love Violets but have not done any. Velma in GA

  16. I think I Am mostly inspired by certain color combinations....purple with any color. I Use a lot of flower dies...I like most of them but not the Carnation.

  17. I get inspired by looking at myself :)and sometimes by visiting other blogs.
    Maybe I don't use a lot of flower dies in my creations, by I love flowers. I think Tiny Flower Kit is my favourite :)

  18. Definitely get my inspiration from the great designers. I use a lot of flat flowers, rarely 3-D as I like to put cards in regular envelopes jlingraham@hotmail.com


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Information shared here is for inspiration only and may not be copied for publication, competition or profit. Thank you for your cooperation.