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Cheery Lynn Designs March IOE Embossing Folder Blog Hop

Today you will see some great projects created by our fabulous design team featuring some of the wonderful new IOE Embossing Folders and Plates.  They always come up with such great ideas.

I can't believe how many wonderful new options there are and you can mix and match different parts of a variety of folders for an infinite number of possibilities.  You will want  NEED them all!

Below is a video tutorial showing how to use the IOE Plates with the Embossing folders to isolate certain parts of the designs in each folder to create your own unique combinations.

Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created for us.
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1. Which one of the new embossing folders is your favorite?

2. Do you currently incorporate embossing folders in your papercrafting?

Our winner will be selected on Friday, March 24th.  Be sure to stop back on Friday evening to see if you are our lucky winner.

Thanks so much for Hopping with us today.  Now head on over to Cheery Lynn Designs and start your shopping!!  Enjoy!


  1. These embossing folders and IOE plates are pure genius! I do use embossing folders but only on occasion. The IOE plates open up endless ideas and options. I think my favorite is the Curls and Swirls. Gorgeous cards from everyone!!

  2. I've never seen embossing folders like this. It's wonderful I have always wanted to leave a space for my stamps but did not know how. I do not use embossing folders much because I just don't know how to use the in my projects. My Aunt uses them all the time and her cards are always so pretty. Maybe I need to get with her to show me better how to use them. I do have some embossing folders on my own that I have used a few times but these just look easier to use. Because like I said earlier I was always trying to not emboss everything and could not figure it out which is why I hardly would do it. So these new ones would be perfect for me. It's hard to say which I like the best, let me just go with the simple ovals. I really love the way you guys are doing the one deism and then going back with the oval in the middle and leave an area for stamping in the middle.

  3. I'm sorry I was trying to say in my other comment above how I love how you were showing us an embossing design over the card and then going back with a simple oval and embossing again and leaving a blank space in the middle for stamping sentiments. That is just what I want to do.

  4. The IOE plates are absolutely wonderful. And add so much to projects. I do have the first set put out - The Frame It set. And I love it.
    I had a hard time to choose a favorite but my next favorite is Heritage View.
    I use Embossing Folder quite often in my crafting. One of my go to products

  5. WOW what a great hop!!! Which EF is my favorite ... hmmm ... can't choose ... NEED them all!! LOL And, yes I use embossing folders ... have quite a collection actually! They add such wonderful depth to my cards! Thanks for enlightening me on this new product ... what fun!!

  6. What creations! YOWZA! Fabulous Embossing Folders, they do soooo much and all are pretty! I think if I was forced to make a choice, right here, right now, I would choose the Curls and Swirls. Awesome products!

  7. Fabulous work by the Design Team! My favorite new embossing folder is the Vintage View. I love the look of embossed background, and I do use them, but not nearly enough.

  8. Yes I do incorporate embossing folders when I create. I enjoy my stash! My favorite folder in the new release is the thank you words. I really loved how they went around the frame!

  9. Love them all! It is a toss up between curls and swirls or hula flower. I think I need all of them tho! lol. I use embossing folders a lot on card projects

  10. 1. My favorite (oh, this is hard to choose) but I think I like the Vintage View embossing folder with the Thank You one a close second.
    2. I use embossing folders occasionally. They do make for a great look on card designs.

  11. Be still my heart! I can hardly contain my excitement for ALL of the new IOE embossing plates and folders-they are SPECTACULAR! I have the 1st oval IOE plate & the original & birthday folders (I posted a 5 star comment on them back on August 8th 2016) & have been "(im)patiently" waiting for a new one since then, but what a FABULOUS surprise to see all these new ones-which I will absolutely be getting-sadly, not all at once :( as my budget won't allow it, but will get them all nonetheless! I have made so many cards with the ones I have and have had so many compliments from them-little did they know the IOE plate & embossing folders are what made them so beautifully fabulous & made me look like I had creative talent! I look forward to starting collecting the new ones soon & bringing joy to those who will get the cards made from them-as well as the joy it brings me to have something that allows me to create gorgeous cards for the people who I love and cherish. Thank you for all the exquisite creations blog using them-they gave me such inspirational ideas for when I get them-No one will ever know I don't have an talent at all!!! :)

  12. I love to mix and match ALL the embossing folders and IOE plates and they made me reuse my old folders that I havent used for years!now the IOE plates let me use the old folders to creat new designs using the new folders to highlight the wording that I need on a card. MIKE it would be great if you could invite the Aussie card makers to put their creations on your site as well, we are a creative bunch down here!!!!you will find some great examples on

  13. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi...I can't choose a favourite, they are ALL beautiful. I do use them and they are SO easy to use once you 'get' the idea of how they work. There are so many designs you can come up with, the possabilites are endless, limited only to your imagination. Well done Tash, you're a very clever lady.

  14. my fav is the curls and swirls. yes i love using embossing folders on my cards. especially as a back ground. i bought the first one Tash launched on your site. the ovals .i use it a lot. now i want more. love to support fellow aussies.

  15. My favorite new embossing folder is Vintage View :) Just great!

    I use embossing folders usually when I make Christmas cards :)

  16. I love these new folders. They extend te value of our existing folders not only in the artistic value but in our pocketbook. Which means we hane more money to but more Cherry Lynn products. Favorite is Vintage View - just gorgeous! I use embossing folders every day, I have over 100 folders.

  17. Well!!! what an amazing array of work using the IOE plates and embossing folders. I loved every card from these amazing designers, so very talented. My heart is swelling from happiness..... Thank you xxx

  18. awesome new products :) i love the projects the design team have created.
    my favorite embossing folder would be the vintage view
    yes, I do use embossing folders to create backgrounds, give dimension and add interest to my cards

  19. Wow! The projects that were shared along the hop were just magnificent! I got so much inspiration and I want to thank you for hosting so many great designers. My favorite new folder is the Curls & Swirls Folder. I can think of so many great things to do with any of them, but this one is my favorite! One of my first paper crafting tools, other than scissors, was an embossing machine with folders and I still love using them today! I love how a lot of the designers used inks to further enhance the embossed areas. The plates are such a great idea and give so many new options to embossing folders!

  20. I use embossing folders all the time. I love the texture. I guess curls and swirls is my favorite.

  21. Yes I use embossing folders a lot in my card making. I love the flower designs all of them. I am a flower lover so I use that kind the most. The texture is wonderful and seems like so many ways to use them. Very creative.

  22. These new folders are a great idea! I do use embossing folders a lot but these are so much more versatile. I am having a hard time choosing a favourite, but I think it would have to be the Frame It one for the center oval.

  23. These embossing folders and IOE plates are just genius! It is hard to say which one is the best. I love them all! In my opinion the most versitale (for me) folder is the Frame It set.
    I do use embossing folders often. I love the dimension which gives embossing.


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