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Cheery Lynn Designs November 2016 New Release Blog Hop Featuring the NEW Shaker Card Kits

Hello everyone and welcome to the November 2016 Shaker Card New Release Blog Hop at Cheery Lynn Designs!

Today you will see some great projects featuring some of the fabulous new release dies created by our fabulous design team.  They always come up with such great ideas.

I can't believe how many fabulous new shaker dies and shaker confetti sets there are.  You will want  NEED them all!  This is a fun new release, so be sure to head on over to the Cheery Lynn Designs website when you are done hopping to view them all.  Kits are also available.

Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created for us.
Here is our blog hop list.  If you get lost along the way, hop on back here and we'll get you back on track.

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Now be sure to leave some love on all the stops along the way.  Your comments are most appreciated!

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When you arrive back here at the end of the hop, please be sure to answer our questions below in a comment on this POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN a $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE to Cheery Lynn Designs.


1. What is your favorite shaker card set/kit?

2. What do you usually use to fill your shaker cards?

3. What other shaker card shapes would you like to see?

Our winner will be selected on Monday, November 7th.  Be sure to stop back on Monday evening to see if you are our lucky winner.

Thanks so much for Hopping with us today.  Now head on over to Cheery Lynn Designs and start your shopping!!  Enjoy!


  1. Wow!! Excited to blog hop and see the DT projects :) the new release products look yummy :p

  2. Enjoyed the blog hop! My favourite die was the champagne bottle as it has so many uses, and who doesn't like a bit of fizz for a special occasion. I usually use micro beads and glitters inside my shaker cards. I think a bunch of balloons would be a nice shape for a shaker card!

  3. Wow! All the shaker cards are so awesome! It's hard to pick a favorite but I think I really love the bell set. I usually fill my shaker cards with sequins and seed beads but am loving these new shaker elements I'm seeing from CLD. It's beyond the season, but a pumpkin shaker would be super cute!

  4. Love how the shaker dies make it easy to do shaker cards. My favourite is a tie between the champagne bottle and the heart. I would love to see balloons and basic shapes - square, rectangle, circle and oval. I usually fill my shaker cards with glitter, sequins or seed beads.

  5. I liked the shakers tree, star and bell. To fill the shaker I use sequins, glitter and microbeads. I'd love to see shakers shaped balloon, snowflakes and Easter bunny.

  6. So many wonderful ones to choose from but my favorite is the heart. I usually use sequins and seed beads to fill my shakers but can't wait to try the new fills. I would like to see a butterfly or dog or cat.

  7. So many wonderful ones to choose from but my favorite is the heart. I usually use sequins and seed beads to fill my shakers but can't wait to try the new fills. I would like to see a butterfly or dog or cat.

  8. Love all the designs and shaker kits. My favorite would be the star or the bell. I use mostly sequins to fill shakers. I would like to see a balloon shape.

  9. Fun blog hop as I do love shaker cards!!
    My favorite would have to be the heart, so perfect for lots of occasions.
    I normally fill mine with sequins, sometimes bits of glitter, however I just one that is filled with tiny gold seed beads.
    Any kind of shaker shape is great, maybe some flowers, beehive, garden type of things work for me!

  10. I love the baby rattle and the champagne card. I really liked all of them. It was hard to choose. You girls did a beautiful job on all the cards. I use confetti, sea beads and sequins. I would love to see flowers, baby carriage, and animals. Thanks for all the fun and cute cards to view

  11. I love the new Baby Rattle card. Will send to my first grandchild due this month. I am new card maker a rely on Cherry Lynn videos & updates to teach me. I love the tiny metal sentiments included in the kits & on line but will be adding a few tiny gems & paper to not only give color,but add interesting texture to a small space. I would love to see a shaker design using Spring flowers to send to family and friends in March/April. Karen

  12. How fun! I love the idea of a kit. So cute and creative! People who think they have no talent are always amazed with what they can do with kits like this and impress even themselves. Good job as always CLD!

    Q1-I think my favorite is the concept with "New Year 2017" how the image lays across the window of the shaker box.

    Q2-I've used glass seed beads and glitter in my boxes.

    Q3-Sports shapes would be fun.

  13. I am a big fan of shaker cards. I love to add pieces that go with the occasion of the card and then some micro beads for a little noise when they shake. I would like to see some Easter shape like a bunny, egg or basket and and then some mini egg, bunnies, chicks for the fillers. Thanks for all your videos and inspiration.

  14. oh gosh, love love shaker cards

  15. These are so cool. Love that you do accessories for them as well. Love the birthday and wedding cakes. Such a great idea. I usually use sequins and glitter in my shakers. Maybe some window shapes would be nice with some little flower die embellishments. Hugz

  16. The whole lineup of shakers is brilliant- fave is prob the Star just because it's so versatile. I usually fill mine with sequence and beads, glitter, tiny buttons in coordinating colors. I think animal shapes would be fun for shaker cards. Maybe just the body part would be a window, not the head and tail. Cute to put shaker elements in their stomach maybe lol!

  17. Great projects from DT. I love every one of these projects tfs!

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  19. Love the new way of making shaker cards. Looks so much easier. Love all the little shaker pieces. and the Star shaker shape.

  20. Love all shapes and ways to use them. I would like the star shape. I have used micro beads and confetti foil to fill shakers. The little word shaker die would be wonderful. A large round shape one would be great to use as a clock, ball, etc.

  21. I tried to look at Christina's card, but it's not up on her post yet at 9:10am MST. I love these shakers and the items IN the shakers are also fabulous! How does everyone get their snow, glitter or micro beads to not stick to the clear front of their shakers?? I have to agree with Anne, a shape of an elephant face, or a giraffe...and the shaker part need only be the main face of the animals, would be fabulous.

  22. My favorite is the Champagne bottles K 107 could be used for so many occasions

    I usually use sequins and a little glitter ... sometimes little die cut or punched pieces ... but love the pieces used here going to have to check them out.

    I'd love sports ones .. like a baseball and bat ... a soccer ball and a basketball my grandsons would absolutely love them

    posted by doudette48@gmail.com

  23. I like the star as it is the most versatile, but they were all wonderful. The fillers for each die were awesome! the creativity that went into those designs is unbelievable. Future dies/shakers could be anything, I am looking around my desk and I see a fish, a spoon, etc. I fill my shakers with the usual, but I also put I tiny beads from my jewelry making and tiny paper scraps left over from my punches as I'm making other cards or punching borders, etc.

  24. 1-I really like the star...it could be used for many occasions from birthdays to Christmas
    2- glitter or paper punches- I am on a budget
    3 shamrocks or good luck charmes

  25. My favorite shaker kit is the champagne bottle! They are so cute! I usually fill my shakers with sequins, tiny cut papers, or seed beads. Glitter is pretty but it's a mess! I would love to see shakers in the shape of a balloon, autumn leaves, coffee mug, and stitched designs too.

  26. I don't really have a favorite yet, but I'm sure I will by the end of the hop. I usually put sequins in my shakers, and I would just LOVE to see different sized hearts for Valentines Day. Thanks for all the great inspiration.
    Karen Letchworth

  27. Love them all but my favorites are the bottles and the heart. I use sequins in my shaker cards. Maybe a butterfly or humming bird.

  28. Ooooh I love the Champagne Bottle Shaker Kit, how FUN!!! Typically I fill my shakers with glitter, sequins and seed beads in corresponding colors. They are just so FUN to make! Other shapes I would like to see would be a boat and a flower, maybe a daisy. So FUN!

  29. WOW! I really like the heart doily card. It is so special. a keeper.
    I would put sequins or glitter inside of them.
    an a suggested new ones would be baseball, football. soccer,
    an music instruments, like drums, guiater, and horns.
    thanks for the blog hop and for the chance to win have a shaker card kit, which would be new to me. loved them

  30. what great projects all the blogs had. really enjoyed the blog hop. I like the tree the best. i have lots of beads for filling shaker cards. would love to see leaves or maybe a pumpkin. thank you for the great projects.

  31. I think I like the Star Shaker Kit the best - it was a hard choice.
    I usually use sequins or glass beads.
    I would like to see a sand castle or something related to the beach.

  32. I have to choose 2. Love the tree and beautiful card that Ginny made. Also love the bell kit. The card is great and I love the use of the bell as a tag. I use seed beads, small confetti, sequins, and a dash of glitter in my shakers. Love your mini shaker sets. They are fantastic. I think a clover for St. Patrick's day would be a great shaker. Thanks for the wonderful hop.

  33. Cute cards. Like the heart sets the best. I usually use sequins of some sort. A cross shaker set would be fun for Easter. Thanks for the blog.

  34. Oh my! What a choice--- I can't choose a favorite.
    I usually use sequins, micro beads, seed beads and confetti in my shakers.
    I'd like to see a shaker that is like a maze, where you have to keep tilting it to make the fillers flow through the maze. That would be fun!

  35. I think I like the Bride and Groom set the best, but I like all of them! I use sequin mixes or beads. Maybe music notes would be a good shaker.

  36. My favorite two are the Christmas Tree and the Bell. Hard to pick just one as I do like most of them.

    I have only made two Shaker cards and I used sequins.

    I would suggest Birds, Butterflies or Flower for other Shaker Cards.

  37. Leave it to Cheery Lynn Designs to come up with the easiest, quickest way to make a shaker card. Love the the Year, 2017, shaker card die the best you can use it to commerate everything from births to anniversaries to graduations just by changing the embellishments added. Before I saw the metal embellishments you make for the shaker cards I used sequins and sometimes added the thicker glitter. In the coming year I would love to see something for Halloween added like a circle for the moon, or a ghost. But Cheery Lynn always comes up with the,absolute best ideas.

  38. OH MY.... How am I supposed to choose just one? I really love them all... But if I really have to choose I think it's a toss up between the Bell, Star, and Christmas Tree. (See, I can't choose just one)
    Believe it or not, I have never made a shaker card. I always planned to, but never have. I probably would have used seed beads, and sequins, but seeing these little metal embellishments I would think I would need these as well.....
    I LOVE all things Christmas, but I would love to see a birthday balloon, a party hat shape, or even a Princess Crown Shape. Ohhhhh I could SOOOOO Use those in my very girly scrapbooking pages.... =)
    thanks so much for all the hard work your team has done. Beautiful creations and a blog hop filled with loads of inspiration.

  39. Wow! what an amazing blog hop. Love Love Love the new shaker dies and the DT cards are stunning.

    It is difficult to choose my favourite because they are all so lovely and useful. I think the heart and bell shaker die sets are awesome and very versatile. So they are my favorites.

    I usually use sequins and punch cut outs to fill my shaker cards.

    It would be great to see shapes like balloons, human figure, animal figures in shaker dies :)

  40. what amazing blog hop^, i love all i can' choose a favourit!perhaps baby shaker!

  41. This is a great blog hop -- both the designers and the shaker elements from you! I guess I would pick the heart as my favorite shaker and I usually use sequins, glitter, confetti inside them but look forward to using your metal elements. I'm not creative enough to think of another shape I would like, but would probably like any that you designed! Thanks for doing this blog!


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