Madame Blueberry at the Beach with Cheery Lynn Designs

2:03 PM
My Cheery Lynn Designs card today is one I have had
in my mind to do for quite a while.
Seriously, there are times I feel I might be losing my mind, when I am thinking and dreaming of things I can create or do with paper.
Today's card is just one of those daydreams.
I knew when I saw the AT THE BEACH set, I wanted to do a card with
MADAME BLUEBERRY and that set combined.
I started cutting out my pieces but knew I also wanted to combine some of the new dies into the card also. Somehow I wanted to use the new DARLING DAISIES set with this card, but did not know quite where to put them, yet!
I assembled my beach chair and looked at how small it was, and thought, MADAME BLUEBERRY might be a tad too large for it, but it all came together in the end.
Now, do not worry too much, when I start talking like Madame Blueberry is real, on my card, SHE IS, at least to me.
She just got her polka dot bathing suit and just got a summer hair-do.
The AT THE BEACH set comes with some great ocean waves, but since I knew I wanted to use the new DARLING DAISIES set, the ocean scene was not going to work.
I imagine MADAME BLUEBERRY sitting in her backyard, enjoying her beautiful flower garden, while sipping her Lime-aid by the side of her pool.
For the pool, I simply used 2 of the rectangles from the SCALLOPED RECTANGLE set.
So, there you have it! Yep, I have lost my mind! I can't help it. These VEGGIE TALE dies are just so fun to create these whimsical, fun cards!
Perfect card to give to a teacher, a neighbor or a friend.
Thanks for visiting today! I hope you like my crazy blog post and the opportunity to see how it is I formulate my card ideas, at least some of the time:)
Have a great weekend and get some sun, put your feet up and have a nice cold lemon-aide or something like that:)
This has been Jeannie from THE POLKA CABANA. Ta Ta For Now!!
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  1. Love it!!


  2. Beyond adorable. I loe the lil margarita Madame Blueberry be sippin' on. TGIF!! Hope the lil darlin doesn't get rained out on the beach. :)

  3. i also very much so LOVE LOVE LOVE the margarita. :)

  4. Love Madame Blueberry!! She is full of sunshine!! Great job!

  5. Oh Jeannie! your card is soooo cute!
    I love your style!
    Love from France, Kianel.


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