Peony Tutorial

Good Morning Cheery Lynn Fans!  As promised a tutorial for the Peony Blooms I created from some of my favorite Cheery Lynn Dies, but first I want to share my card with you.  Mother's day is right around the corner and I wanted something pretty to give my mother.  I created several copies of this card in variations for all of the other Mothers in my family.

 ok....lets get started
Here is your supply list for the flower only I'll give you the list for the rest of the card at the end.
Cheery Lynn Pair of Ferns die - optional
ink - optional
2-3 sheets double sided patterned paper of choice
wooden skewer
Therm O Web Zots in medium

 Cutting The Flowers
Cut 5 flowers from Stacker Flower 5 ( I cut 3 from one side of the patterned paper and 2 from the other side of the paper.)
Cut 3 from the small Sweet Williams die - 2 from one side of patterned paper and 1 from the other side of paper
Cut 2 Sunflowers from paper of your choice. 
Cut 1 of each of the 2 Pair of  Ferns die
Ink all edges of petals if desired. I inked both sides of each flower.
Rolling The Petals
 Start with the base of the flower and roll the bottom petal edges under. This will be the base of your flower.
Roll the remaining Stacker Flower #5  flower petals up.  Here is how they should look.

Repeat with all remaining flower cuts. Here is what they will look like when you're done. If you need to ink your flowers again now is the time to do it.
Begin layering your bloom with the first flower you rolled under, alternating the patterns. Adhere them at the center with a Zot. Be sure to offset the petals as you layer them.
Layer all remaining flowers offsetting the petals.
When you are done layering all the flowers, squeeze towards the middle cupping the flower.  This will make the petals tighter and give it the appearance of lots of layers.
Ink any edges that you might have missed.
Adhere your bloom to your card and add any embellishments you desire at this time.  
Adhere Ferns.

For the base of the card I used the following Cheery Lynn Dies
Have fun creating your Peony Blooms!!  
 Don't forget to check out the Cheery Lynn Challenge Blog for another fun challenge and a chance to win a gift certificate good for some of Cheery Lynn Dies!! 

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  1. Fabulous flowers! Thank you for tutorial!

  2. Beautiful card and thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Debbie, this is gorgeous! Great tutorial and your card is amazing!

  4. Debbie such a great tutorial!! The 'peony' is amazing!!! Love your card too!

  5. Love your peony flower! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, your Mother's Day card is such a beauty

  6. Oh this is just gobsmacking Debbie!! :)

    What a stunning card and fabulous tutorial - that peony is just brilliant, and such a beautiful creation too :)



  7. Wow, what a beautiful card Debbie and a great tutorial for the peony. I may even have a go later.
    Donna xx

  8. Wonderful tutorial, Debbie. What a beautiful card and gorgeous flowers!

  9. gorgeous flower!!!! fab tutorial!! I can't wait to try it out!!

  10. Amazing tutorial Debbie! Love your card and the flowers!
    Love from France, Kianel.


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