Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Cheery Lynn Designs Rose dies

Cheery Lynn Designs gets lots of emails from people who want to make flowers like they see here on the Inspiration blog.  One of those requests was to explain how to make roses with the Miniature, Medium and Large Rose dies.  So I have done a step by step tutorial that I wanted to share with you today.

You will need 3 of each size rose petals, an embossing pad, a stylus tool and some wax paper.  Text weight paper works the best but you can certainly use card stock as well.

You are going to dry emboss each of the petals on the backside of the die cut, but first rub the paper with your wax paper.  It will make the stylus glide easier.  Start from the outer edge of each petal and using a circular motion, emboss each petal towards the center.

This will cause the petals to curl up like the above photo.

The next step is to flip each petal over, except for two of the smallest ones, and dry emboss the center so they look like the above photo.

Now start gluing each petal on top of the other being sure to turn them so they are staggered.  Above you see two of the largest petals layered.  I place just a bit of glue in the center then carefully place the next petal.

Once you get all three large petals layered, continue with the three medium petals, gluing each separately and staggering the petals.

Add the one small petal that you dry embossed in the center.  Your flower should look like the one above.

Now take the two remaining small petals and glue them on top of each other with the front sides down. Once the glue has dried you can dry emboss in the center to make them cup upwards as shown above.

Now glue these two cupped upwards petals into the center of your flower.  One last step....

Take 3 petals from the top flower, add some glue on the top inside edges of each petal, pull them towards the center and glue them closed like the above photo.  This will create a center bud.  You can then fluff your petals a bit and you are all done!

So the rose I created for the tutorial is the one you see in the foreground that I didn't use, lol.  The two smaller ones on my card were created with 4 medium and 4 miniature petals.  The little yellow flowers on the ends are also miniature rose dies, I just dry embossed and layered them.  The large orange flower was created with four layers of Sweet Williams die and two layers of Darling Daisies in the center.  (Thank you, Jodi, for that combination of dies).  The smaller orange flowers are also Darling Daisies.  The leaves are Olive Branches.  The center of the card is a French Pastry Doily.  For the background panel I used my Lace Square Heart Reflections die.  Finished size is 5" square.

Be sure to visit the Cheery Lynn Designs Challenge blog for more inspiration.  The challenge this week is Birthdays.  You can enter for a chance to win a $20 coupon for shopping at the Cheery Lynn website.


  1. Superbe cette carte et bravo pour les fleurs! Bises. Nadine

  2. Great tutorial, I'm off to try some flower making right now. xxx

  3. How beautiful, thank you for sharing, hugs, Em.x

  4. Fantastic tutorial and so much help. Thanks, the card is fabulous!!

  5. I love the Cheery Lynn Roses! Great tutorial and beautiful card!

  6. GORGEOUS!! and the card is sheer perfection.

  7. Great job sharing the steps Sandy-your flowers and spray is beautiful. You know i love my flowers
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Thanks for the great demo! Your flowers are stunning!! The whole card is fabulous! You Rock!!

  9. Pretty card as always!! Love the roses and your tutorial!!!

  10. So needed and so good!!!! Thank you for the tutorial!
    Paper Hugs,

  11. Great Tutorial Sandy, showing us all how to use those flower dies, and your card is gorgeous and great mix of colors.

  12. Thank you for the tutorial Sandy! It is always nice to see how someone else does things. I am a big fan,


  13. Love this tutorial. I need to see if I have all the flower dies to try the roses out. I think I might need to order the medium size. Love your card - gorgeous!!!!!!

  14. fabulous tutorial!!! Love how both your roses and sweet williams turned out...and your welcome! :-)
    Absolutely beautiful card too!!!

  15. What a fantastic tutorial Sandy and beautiful flowers too! The card is gorgeous!
    Love from France, Kianel.

  16. Sandy, I'm a great admirer of your work. I've made roses before, but never with the three size petals. Thank you for your tutorial. I love the way the Cheery Lynn Die for the roses works. It's so nice to have that many petals in one cut. Hugs, dj1952

  17. So excited to to your Rose tutorial Sandy, it's fabulous and very helpful, thank you.
    I ordered all 3 sizes of the Rose dies and the sweet williams only yesterday, wish I had got the darling Daises too now.
    Your card is absolutely gorgeous, stunning flowers.
    Wendy xx


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All content, including designs, pictures and words are the exclusive property of the author of each blog post.
Information shared here is for inspiration only and may not be copied for publication, competition or profit. Thank you for your cooperation.