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Cheery Lynn August Fall/Winter New Release Blog Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to the August Fall & Winer New Release Blog Hop at Cheery Lynn Designs!

Today you will see some great projects featuring some more of the fabulous new release dies created by our fabulous design team.  They always come up with such great ideas.

I can't believe how many fabulous new dies there are.  You will want  NEED them all!  This is a huge new release, so be sure to head on over to the Cheery Lynn Designs website when you are done hopping to view them all.

Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created for us.

Here is our blog hop list.  If you get lost along the way, hop on back here and we'll get you back on track.

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Now be sure to leave some love on all the stops along the way.  Your comments are most appreciated!

Post Your Comments for a Chance to Win!

When you arrive back here at the end of the hop, please be sure to answer our questions below in a comment on this POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN a $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE to Cheery Lynn Designs.


1. Do you make your own holiday cards and if so, how many?

When do you start working on your holiday cards?

3. What is your favorite die set in the new release?

Our winner will be selected on Tuesdsay, September 5th.  Be sure to stop back on Tuesday evening to see if you are our lucky winner.

Thanks so much for Hopping with us today.  Now head on over to Cheery Lynn Designs and start your shopping!!  Enjoy!


  1. Fabulous hop, wonderful release!
    Here are my answers: 1.yes, 40 2.Oct. 3.Bringing Home Christmas - so cute.

  2. What a great bunch of dies! Yes, I make about 20 cards. Start Dec. 1st - why hurry, teehee. Let it Snow is my favorite.

  3. Great cards!
    1. Yes, I make my cards 30-65 depending on the holiday
    2. Halloween, this year the end of September (late this year to a trip), Christmas, hopefully by the Middle of October
    3.loved the twisted trees and happy hauntings..
    As I said great cards, gave loads of ideas...

  4. Great dies & blog hop!
    1)Yes, I make my own holiday cards - anywhere from 5 to 50 for Thanksgiving and usually over 100 for Christmas. (no Halloween)
    2)I usually start working on Thanksgiving cards in the Fall when the weather starts to inspire me. Christmas cards I work on all year to be sure to get them done.
    3)My favorite die set in the new release is the Aspen Forest - a great background - so versatile! But I really like a lot of the dies I saw used in the blog hop.

  5. Love all the inspiration shown by the designers.
    1. For Christmas I make between 90-100 cards. Other holidays I only make around ten.
    2. I try to start my card designs in July or August.
    3. My favorite die in the new release is the Acorn & Leaves set. But the Let It Snow is a close second!

  6. these are wonderful dies and great for holidays. I have 2 that were my very favorite in this collection and they were the polar bear on the sled and the penquins. Yes I make some of my holiday cards and i try to start them in november--about 20.

  7. Love all the cards. I make 50-60 Christmas cards. 30 Halloween 20 Thanksgiving. Also teach a card class once a month to a group of women my age 60-80 yrs. I start Christmas in July. My favorite die is aspen forest.

  8. Yes I do. I make 52 cards each month, for my neighbors. I work on my cards 6 days a week every month! I love the Aspen Forest die! There are so many things one could do with this die. It can be used any time of the year! I love Ceerylynn dies!!!

  9. Love the new dies, great inspiration from the DT too.
    1. I make all my cards, usually about 120 Christmas cards.
    2. I start making my Christmas cards in January.
    3. My favourite set is the Aspen Forest - so versatile.

  10. 1. I make about 50 cards for friends and family.
    2. I usually make them during my Christmas break (I am a teacher) for the next year.
    3. I love the bear on the sled in the tree forest. So cute! So wintery!

  11. 1. If I can make time, yes. Try for 10 or so.
    2. In November.
    3. I love the 'Let it Snow' die the best.

  12. 1.Some years they are all home made. Some year just a few.
    2. Depends on the year but usually a few in August then the rest inbetween
    3. I like the great Happy Halloween
    the drop down won't allow me to put my email

  13. 1. Yes, about 65-70 cards
    2. Year round as time allows
    3. Aspen Tree

  14. 1) Yes I make Christmas cards. somewhere between 60 & 120
    2) As soon as I can after New Year, and all year long.
    3) Tree Rex

  15. Delightful cards! Loved the hop!
    I make about a dozen cards.
    I am a procrastinator.... I make them in December!
    Twisted Tree! Love the tree with the raven and the hanging bat!

  16. I make multiple cards and have a large monthly list. Therefore, we make 1000 of whatever card I have chosen and 500 of 6 or 7 other cards for our VA hospital here in town and we start making |Christmas cards in Feb. I like the aspen forest because it would be so easy to put animals into the picture.

  17. What a wonderful blog hop. I usually need 60 cards that I make each year so I make them throughout the year. I then make additional ones that I give as gifts as "card packs". I think there are so many adorable sets in this release, but the one that I like the best is Snow Day Bear.

  18. Cute cards by the designers.
    I make only a few Christmas cards to send out.
    I am such a procrastinator, I don't start til December.
    I really like the trees die.

  19. Yes, I make my Christmas cards. Usually I make about 60 of them and I try to do each one a little bit differently so I tend to start in September.
    My favourite die cut in this selection is the one that says "Let It Snow". It is so versatile.

  20. Loved all the projects along the blog hop! I do make my own Christmas Cards but I don't really know how many. Maybe 4o-50? I usually start them right about now, when the weather starts to get cooler. My favorite is the acorns but I do also love those triangle Santa and elf. So cute!

  21. I like the pick-up truck, the best....but I also love the purple flowers. #1....I make about 20 cards and tags a year. #2.....I make my holiday cards all year long. #3 ....My favorite die is the wagon wheel.

  22. Fabtastic release. So many must haves. I make my own cards. Around 50. I try to make a some every month. My two favourites are fleece navidad and Tree Rex. And Merry Christmoose. Well, actually I like lots of them. Hugz

  23. New releases are fab. 1. 100 cards start in Sept. I like all bit the Christmas sayings are one of my favorites.
    Louise M

  24. I make about 90 Christmas cards. I don't do any other holidays but I do about 50 birthday cards each year. I start on my holiday cards a year in advance for Challenges. My Christmas cards are done in November so any Christmas challenge goes into next year's cards. I love Let it Snow.

  25. I make about 40 cards each year. I try to start in late spring, but I never get many done until October! If I have to choose, I would pick Let it Snow as a favorite.

  26. 1. I actually don't. I get them printed.
    2. I work on Christmas/winter cards all year long - and though I don't send out handmade Christmas cards, I do include them with gifts & give them to special people. :)
    3. S0, I love the car/tree die! I checked out your website too, and the moose is super adorable too! I don't think anyone used it on the hop!

  27. 1. Yes. I try to get at least 10 done.
    2. I have one Christmas/winter card made so far which I made a month ago. Need to step
    up my game! lol
    3. I love them all but something about the Friendly Felines really appeals to me!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  28. To answer your questions, yes, I make my own holiday cards (actually I make all of my greeting cards). I've made as many as 125 at Christmas. I love the car and tree dies, I think they are my favorite, it's so hard to choose!

  29. I like the card. It is wonderful to have a card that can be for female or male. Truck and trers go good together

  30. I like the card. It is wonderful to have a card that can be for female or male. Truck and trers go good together


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