Awesome tip with Guest Designer Holly

Hello again!  It's Holly Brown back for another guest designer post today.  I've done something a little different with this card.  It looks clean and simple, right?  Take another look at the red doily underneath the butterfly.  Do you see what I did?  :-)

The Cheery Lynn Designs dies that I've used on this card are:

French Pastry Doily
Small Exotic Butterflies #2 with Angel Wings

I used the whole French Pastry Doily even thought it looks like I only have half of it on here.  I made one cut from the outside edge to the center of the doily.  Then I put my doily on my trusty little Scor-Buddy and scored from the scallops in towards the center.  The doily was then accordian-folded into this little half-rosette that you see here.

This was my first time trying this idea with a doily, and I was thrilled to see that it worked.  Now if I want a full sized rosette, I can do this with two of the doily die cuts and glue them together.  Wouldn't that be fun??  I hope you enjoyed this card today.  I've got some more to show you, so come on back next week.


  1. Love your tip Holly, that's just great. Another wonderful card that lots of folks will be inspired by.

  2. That's a bit weird! I was just playing with my English Tea Party Doily and wondering if this was a possibility and here you are with the finished article. Great card. Now I know my time will not be wasted and a very lovely effect it is too....

  3. What a fun tip, Holly. I'm sure a lot of people will put that one to use. Great card!

  4. Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your tip with us. Great inspiration <3

  5. What a great job on your card and thanks for sharing the tip about how to score the doily to make a rosette. Looking forward to seeing what you create next!

  6. This is beautiful! Love the way you used the doily! :)

  7. Holly the doily is very striking in red and creative the way you scored and folded it. The butterfly is perfect mounted on it.


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