Peace, Love & Rock & Roll!

How is that for a title?
How is that for a theme?
I have no idea why I came up with this, it just happened.

Jean Claude and Philippe Pea happily volunteered to be my models today.

Let's go in order, shall we?

PEACE - Veggie Style

Pretty creative huh? What the world needs more of is Peas, right?

These guys are certainly 2 groovy little dudes!

LOVE - Veggie Style

I decided to do this one based on the news of Japan.
I thought about it today when I did not get some good news I had really hoped for.
Then I felt bad, being so selfish when Japan is in such a crisis.

All I can do is keep them in my thoughts and prayers and that is just what I will keep on doing.

ROCK & ROLL - Veggie Style

This is just a fun card! I thought that it was a good finish.

Those Peas are such good sports!

Hopefully you can see that having a set like these, you really can make anything you can dream up!


  1. Very cute Veggie Tales!!! Like the World Peas!!! What we need today!

  2. Those are some cute little peas rockin' out!! Great job today!


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