Flashback Friday

When I make things, it is pretty usual for me to use my Cheery Lynn Designs dies.
I do not use them when I HAVE to, I use them every opportunity I get!
Today, I am going to show you things I have made, but have not had the opportunity to share here on this website.
Starting with this.
I had the opportunity to write a review for a company called Modern Typography.
Here is the custom print I ordered for my review.

I could have just framed it as it came, but I just had a bigger project in mind.

I used the following dies to finish this project as seen:
I added lots of buttons, I just love buttons so I might as well use them on something I am going to keep, right?

This was a very fun project!

Next let's move on to some cards.

On this card, which is very small, I used the French Flair squares as my background pieces.

The Heart Chain Border along the bottom for a nice touch.

Here is another I used a lot of Cheery Lynn Designs dies on.

You can see I used the Card Maker Rectangle Stackers, Scalloped Ovals and the Ribbon Eyelet Border. I also used the Rectangle Pierce Tool on the Large White Rectangle.

Lots of dies are fun to have :)

Here is a simple card made fabulous by one of my favorite dies, the Pennant Die.

Here is another card that could not have been possible without the use of my

I use my butterfly dies quite often for Angel wings.

Here I have used the Italian Flourish Doily and the Fanciful Flourish dies.

This card, the focal point, is the basket from the
Bunny in Basket set. You can also see the Card Maker Rectangle Stackers in the back.

My point here is to show you that Cheery Lynn Dies can be used on almost every kind of project.
I am honored to get to use them and I do just about every day!
Dies used in today's projects:


  1. All of the projects are so wonderful.
    I feel like you about using many of my dies as often as I can. I look at them making my inspiration and creativity that much easier.
    Thanks for sharing sweetie

  2. Agree, all your projects are gorgeous, and so different from one to the next in style. Really enjoyed reading your post and seeing your creative inspiration! :-)

  3. Very nice work on all your projects. They are all so different but still show your style and I love it.


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