Christmas Pretties

Hello everyone, it is me Jeannie bringing you some Christmas ideas.

Before my mom passed away, she used to buy all my kids a Christmas ornament for the current year. As my number of children got higher in numbers, she still carried this tradition on. For awhile, she handmade each one, customizing them to the grandchild's current likes in life. I have acorn angels, popsicle stick Santa's, Pooh Bears, Blues Clues and Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments for almost all my kids. She also added to my ornament stash every year. While she was alive, I got a new ornament from the earliest time I can remember, she did this for me.

As I was thinking of what to make this week, the thought hit me that my youngest 2 children will not have the privilege of receiving that special ornament from Curly Grandma each year. So, I need to start, or restart, this tradition for them. When they are older, I will be sure to tell them where this tradition started, when it ended and when it started again.

I only had time to make 2 ornaments to show, but I will be making more for the rest of my children.

Believe it or not, I only used 1 die set. The set I used was: Scalloped Oval - LST103

I took an idea from one of those fancy magazines, no one can afford to buy from. They had these lovely paper ornaments. So, I used their idea for my own. The main body, of the ornaments are made out of vintage piano books that I had lying around. They had already started to yellow, so I did not need to do much distressing :)

Here is the ornament I made for my youngest, my princess, my joy...yep, I LOVE HER~

This next one, I had to make just because I wanted to see if I could. If one of my older daughters loves it as much as I do, she can have it be her 2010 ornament. If not, it is MINE!!!

Again, I only used the Scalloped Oval dies on this. Made all from the same vintage sheet music and embellished with supplies I had on hand.

These were somewhat time consuming, but well worth it. Part therapy, part mom love. I think I will enjoy doing this for my kids every year.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Pretties. Be sure to come back and see my team mates. We all work so hard to make things for you, I know you will enjoy what they have to share also.


  1. Gorgeous!! This is the moment I wnat to celebrate X- mas- for all those ornaments and colors..

  2. Very nice ornaments. I like the one with the vintage music sheet! It is very pretty.

  3. very pretty! love the vintage look!

  4. thoses are soooo pretty!!!! i just love the vintage style!!!
    Love from France, Kianel.

  5. These are so very pretty! and such a clever use for the dies!

  6. These are both so pretty! Your daughter will love it!

  7. Jeannie, what wonderful keepsakes these will make and very clever of you!


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