Pixie Delight

Happy Friday everyone.  I've had a wonderful start of a long weekend and I've done nothing but craft away, which has been super fun.  This is a card I created during my craft jag using the Pixie Guardian die as the centerpiece.  I love the delicateness of her, she's beautiful.

I used the angel wing only of the Chasing Rainbow Doily which was the perfect backing for my pixie.

Here is a complete list of all the dies I used on this card.  

Hugs, Lori 


  1. What a cute idea to turn the bassinet into a flower basket. This is adorable! The Chasing Rainbows angel wing is a perfect backer for the Pixi Guardian.

  2. Lori, this is perfect to have the pixie look like she is smelling the flowers. Very pretty card!

  3. Wow Lori Love the fairy bent over smelling the flowers. The Lady Kate Edger looks great and the beads are a nice touch.


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