Eye Candy Galore!

Ladies and any Gentleman out there.
I have so MANY things to share with you today! I know you all are needing to have some Veggies, so let me share a couple of cards with you today.
First, here is our favorite duo, Bob and Larry.
What I love about the VEGGIE TALES dies, is the detail each character has.
Look at Larry's teeth and Bob's stem. These fine details, really set these dies apart from others.

Here is a fun way to use PA GRAPE. Can't you just hear him sayin' "Who are ya callin' old?"

Over the next couple of weeks, I will share cards from a 6 card set I have made with the Veggie Tales characters.
I challenged myself to make a whole set and have them all coordinate with each other. To do this, I precut many pieces of paper all from the same print, gathered all my supplies and went to work. This is a great way to get a lot of cards done at one sitting.
OH! That reminds me, did you notice I am the Cheery Lynn Friday girl? Also next Friday, I have a special treat for you. I have this project DONE, but "conditions" have not been right for the photo shoot. But, how about a mini teaser? OK! Great idea...

Here is a snippet!

HMMM, what can that be?

But you'll have to come back next Friday for the real thing.
Lastly today, I am going to share a card I did this week.
I know that you are seeing our doilies a lot lately and I'm sure you all have thought about using our doilies for misting sprays and stuff, right? Ok, good, glad we are all on the same page there.
This card I have used the ORIENTAL BUTTERFLY DOILY as a mask for some Tattered Angels misting spray.

What I did for this card was to make my butterfly base with the ORIENTAL BUTTERFLY DOILY, using it as a mask for the spray.
Then I coated the butterflies heavily with the mist for this patina look.
For my card base, I used the same mist with the ITALIAN FLOURISH DOILY.

In this picture you can see where the Doilies have left a nice negative space design.

I embellished this with some of the DIMENSIONAL BUTTERFLIES, in the same color.
What a post, right? I hope you have enjoyed all my fun things today.
Remember to visit again. I am already wondering what the Cheery Lynn Saturday designer has in store for us, how about you??

For now, this is Jeannie from the Polka Cabana saying Thank Goodness It's Friday!


  1. Now you're being a tease! I'll be back next Friday for sure! I always am amazed at your Veggie Tale projects. Your life, Love, Friendship card is beautiful. I like the Tattered Angels misting spray.

  2. Gotta love Pa Grape! The misted card looks awesome!

  3. Great butterfly card and cute as ever VEGGIE one..
    You do magic with those dies!

  4. Oh you veggie queen!!!!
    what an amazing world you make with those dies!!!
    And i just loooove your butterfly card!
    love from France, Kianel.

  5. OMG, your butterfly card is just amazing, that is so beautiful. And what can I say about the Veggie guys, you bring them to life so well!

  6. OMG! This card took my breath away.
    Amazing butterfly. The colors are awesome.


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