Embossing, embellishing and appliqueing with Cheery Lynn

I sure do hope some have come by today to see the full project that I gave you all a teaser for last week. Remember that tiny picture I shared? Here it is again.

Well, before I share the rest of this project with you, let me share a card I have made with the little Veggies again. Do you know how versatile these dies are? With a little imagination, these dies can be use for really ANY occasion.
Here is one of the Peas decked out like a Cowboy or would that be a Cowpea?

We have been trying to WOW you with Cheery Lynn Designs Embossing Plates. I have used quite a few on this card. I started by cutting my card with Scalloped Circle from the Large Stackers. Then I embossed the circle with the RODEO embossing plate. Because I was using the Core d' nations cardstock, I was able to lightly sand the card front for the embossing pattern to appear.

Do you like all the dangling tags, they are all different branding iron images. They are from the embossing plate called RANCH BRANDS/COWBOY BOOTS & HAT. The boots and hat on the PEA are from the same plate, other side, it is a two sided plate. Also, the rope the tags are dangling from are from the same plate. A very versatile plate, if you ask me!

Other products used on this card are OPTIMISTIC 1/2 inch Font set, MOUNTAINS BORDER DIE, and the GALLOPING HORSE die.

I am not a horse person, but hey, I can make a horse person card, any ole' day!
Now, on to where my comfort zone is!
Cuteness, rhinestones and my kids!
The little teaser picture was a portion of this picture.

My little one LOVES Madame Blueberry! It was my little one's 4th birthday not too long ago. I was at Old Navy and found this very inexpensive skirt and clearance. It was purple and white stripped. I immediately saw Madame Blueberry on there and had to get it for my daughter.

I found a plain white shirt to go along with it, here is the Birthday girl modeling her outfit for you.

She just loves her new outfit! It is truly a one of a kind outfit!

Here is a close up of Madame Blueberry on the skirt.

Oh, yes, she is QUITE the princess!

I used a high grade felt for most of Madame Blueberry's pieces. I used individual rhinestones to write the word PRINCESS above Madame Blueberry's head.

My last tip is that I used a mixture of a high grade fabric glue and Heat n' Bond to attach things to the clothing. For my machine appliqueing, I used a clear nylon thread!

Hope you have enjoyed this project, imagine all the things you can make using your dies for fabric applique.

I am sure to have something fun to share next week, so come back and see! We all love to hear from you so please leave us comments, especially if there is something you'd like to see or know how to do that we have not covered!

TA TA FOR NOW!! This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana.


  1. You are the Veggie Tales queen! I love your Rodeo card. You are very talented making a fabric applique out of Madame Blueberry. I love it! Your daughter is very cute and quite the ham!

  2. Your princess is adorable and so are the little veggies on your projects!

  3. I love your project and yes...she is a doll!

  4. Jeannie, I love your CowPea, he is just too cute! This card is so cute and very clever how you used all the dies and plates! Your daughter is just adorable in her Madame Blueberry ensemble. You have such a wonderful way with the Veggie Tales.

  5. COWPEA??!! I live in TExas and in all my life I have been looking for a cowpea and here it is! LMAO
    Too cute and talk about adorable - your daughter! :) Great job Jeannie!


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