Tussie Mussie's Cheery Lynn Designs Style

Today I am sharing with you this adorable hanging cone, aka a Tussie Mussie.  I looked up Tussie Mussie and found out that at some point they were to hold wedding bouquets without getting your hands wet.  Who would've known?
The first thing I did was to use the Wittle Wickers and Wittle Weavers to create my woven cone.
I am using all papers from the Authentique Paper Wonder collection.
The picture on the left it the start of the weaving, the center is the cone all done and the right picture is the start of embellishing before I started to assemble the cone.

Here are some pictures of my final product.  I had such a fun time trying to photograph this, NOT!!
The tag that is close to the handle is actually an ornament that can be taken off and hung on the Christmas Tree.  The picture on the right is where you can see how gorgeous the woven pattern looks.

 I moved indoors trying to get better pictures and got this close up of the Tussie Mussie .  

Here again is that fabulous weave pattern. You can also see how I took the Ribbon Eyelet Border and wove ribbon through the holes.  I then sewed this to a piece of canvas to make it strong.
I also edged the cone with the Anastasia Border.

The dies I used for the flowers are Judy's Blooms and the Sunflower.

On the tip of the cone, I took the Celtic Fire Doily and wrapped it around and secured it with my sewing machine.

Here is a close up where you can see the ornament.  I made this from a free printable Mary Engelbreit had on her blog a week or so ago.  I enlarged it and printed it on shrink film.  I attached it so some cut out   Sunflowers to complete the look.

One last look, what do you think?

Usually when I am creating for a post, I am pretty stressed and sometimes my 7yo son likes to pitch right in and create exactly what I am creating alongside(which adds to my stress level, believe me!).
 He has used Cheery Lynn Designs dies too.  He has a strip from Wittle Wickers for his handle, edged it with the Grass Border and has Darling Daisy on the other side.

He even has to photograph his projects the same way I do.

This is the mess WE made(mostly me!)

But look, all my Cheery Lynn Designs dies are neatly put away!

I hope you have enjoyed this post from me and my son.  
This has been Jeannie with The Polka Cabana with today's post.

Don't forget that we have a challenge going.  
It is your opportunity to win a Cheery Lynn Designs gift certificate and get yourself some of our fabulous dies.
The theme is FLOWERS.
Check HERE for all the details.


  1. Tell your 7 year old his project looks fantastic. Mom's doesn't look to bad either. Very nice, both of you. Edna

  2. You have to tell your little one he did a spectacular job!
    Jeanne I love your mussie tussie I so want to make some now
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Excellent work, including your little one. A lovely idea and I really like the wittle wickers and weavers.

  4. What fun! Creating memories with your little one of doing projects together is pricelss! Congratulations on this super cute idea that you turned into a work of art. Those tussie mussies are adorable!

  5. Those are adorable!!! Such a clever use of the sunflower! Love it!

  6. Oh, how fun to have a helper and what a great job he did. Very festive projects!

  7. wow, another sooo creative project Jeannie!
    Love from France, Kianel.


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