Pop up Halloween fun

Not wanting to sound like a broken record, I will not tell you how excited I am about my post today!
Maybe this has been done before and if so, that's ok...but this card design I did not do any GOOGLE searches to help me at all!  It is 100% me and my crazy mind.
It is my pop out Pumpkin Card/Decoration.

I have seen a lot of people doing he 3-d pumpkins from normal circles and then using them as decorations. I did not just want to do what everyone else is doing.

What I did here was to 1st, not use circles but a Scalloped Oval.
I really wanted it to look like a honeycomb pumpkin and asked my 15yo son how he thought I could do it.  He said I couldn't!  But I proved him wrong!!

With a little creative sewing and hot glue, I did it.

Another secret?  My bats!  All I did was to use the Hearts die, fold  a heart in half and then cut the top off the heart.  When you open the paper up, you have yourself a bat.

I had so much fun making this and think I might get a frame and just turn it into a Halloween decor item!
This has been Jeannie with The Polka Cabana with today's post!
Be sure to join us tomorrow as we reveal October's new die releases!!
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  1. Well, ya know, you really ARE crazy....like a fox! That is so cute and clever! Now you have trained us to expect such crazy, fun, amazing creations from you. LOL! We love your crazy mind. You always make us smile!

  2. I think the new word to describe you and your creativity is tenacious!!! You get an idea and do not give up!! I love your pumpkin!! It is great! The bat idea from hearts is another winner!! Awesome Jeannie!!

  3. Jeannie, this is just brilliant and oh so cute! Love the bats from the circles, you are such a clever girl!

  4. This is so unbelievable! Love how your teenager thought you couldn't and you showed him! LOL
    Nothing like a doubter to make us prove otherwise.
    This is adorable as can be

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  6. This creation of yours is brilliant, so unique!! Love that spooky tree, and of course pumpkin!!!


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