Trio of Cards

Every once in awhile I do my projects for a blog post and I want to explode with excitement because I am so happy with how my things turned out!
This is one of those times.

I was challenged to use dies I have not used in awhile..well I decided to use a die I have never used before! The die is called: FISH.

Here is phase 1 of my card: I could have stopped here, what do you think?

Initially I was going to have fish strung across the front, but it covered up the beautiful abstract background I had just made.

So I settled for enhancing and complimenting the background instead.

Using wire and glass beads, I kept with the ROYGBIV color scheme and created this mini masterpiece.

I just love how this turned out!

I had all these ideas for this simple die, so I kept going.

I have a blast looking up different quotes for cards I have in mind.

This one I came upon quite by accident. I was having my 16yo help look up fish quotes and I did not like any he was finding, so I told him never mind and let him know he was "Off the hook," and well I laughed out loud, because I thought hey..I can make a card with that!

Remember on my 1st card I said I had the idea to string the fish along the front?

Well, this is what I meant. See how they would have covered the whole background of the 1st card?

This would be a fun card to make for a friend having a bad day.

Nice bright colors to cheer someone up and this is what the inside says:

Amazingly, I only used a couple of dies with these cards. The FISH die is a fun die as it has that outline that can stand alone. There are many other dies like this. To see them all, here is the link, they are called LAYERING CHARMS:

I hope I was able to show you how fun this simple die can be, go and check out the other shapes in this family of dies.

This has been Jeannie with THE POLKA CABANA with today's cards.

Dies used on today's cards:


  1. Jeannie, these are just adorable and so creative. I especially love the fish on the line, what a cute saying. You did a great job!

  2. What a wonder knack you have showing us how to evolve a creation!! Love what you did with the fish. The outlines are so abstract and colorful. The last card with the fishon line and throwing out a bad day!! Love it!! Awesome job, Jeannine!!

  3. Just love! what you did with a wire around the die! Fnatastic idea and lovely fished too! All of them

  4. Ah! Jeannie, you always make us smile! Too, too cute! Your wonderful imagination is one of the things that make you so special.


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