New dies + Color = Perfect Match

My card today is my effort to use the rest of the dies I didn't get a chance to use on my NEW RELEASE post.  I am using the new dies Country Girl, French Lattice Small and Cuties #4.

I have the Lattice cut in white on top of a white piece of paper that I have used the Pierce Plate on.

How do you like those flowers?  They are a very TOP SECRET design I came up with myself and maybe is enough people say.."OOOH, HOW DID YOU DO THAT?"  I might do a tutorial on them sometime soon!

There is something so striking and satisfying to me about bright colors on a white background.
There are so many different ways to do this and I never tire of trying new ways.

I am having a blast with all the new dies.  I love making my own custom flowers and these new Cuties #4 are fabulous to work with.
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This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana with today's post.


  1. WOW look at those bright flowers! Good on you for using all your dies. Celeste

  2. Yes, your flowers are different! Very pretty and bright!! Like the Piercing piece with the new Lattice on top.

  3. What some bright flowers!! Love them!! I agree I enjoy bright colors as well! Fun card!

  4. Love the flowers! Gorgeous! Would love a tutorial too! Always fun to see how people use the die for different looks!

  5. Love this card!! Please do a tutorial, I'd love to learn how you put these flowers together.

  6. All that color is lovely - Oooh how did you do that? Wouldn't you please do a tutorial?

  7. I love the bright colors on the white background with the black accent! Such fun flowers. You have to show us how you did that. Love the white lattice on the white background!

  8. Beautiful flowers!! Love the background too!!

  9. Fabulous card, makes me feel as if Spring can't be that far away (or can it?)! I would love to see a tutorial for the colorful flowers.

  10. How festive, Jeannie, makes me think of Carnivale in New Orleans.

  11. What a stunning idea to mix colors in one flower!!! Jeannie you always amaze me with your creativity!
    Love, Kianel.

  12. Tutorial Jeannie pretty please.... :-) love the flowers, wonderful (much, much MUCH, better than mine)


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